Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ecce Homo

Today's Lockhorns Sunday is superb. In Panel One, Leroy proves he can match Loretta pun for pun, and insult for insult, both with the same remark, which, coincidentally, is The Lockhorns' second tribute to Gene Roddenberry within the month. Leroy isn't so happy in Panel Two, where his notoriously poor health has him in the doctor's office yet again. He indicates his indignity at having to cool his heels in the waiting room by skillful use of hyperbole. In Center Panel, both Leroy and the waiter are profoundly unimpressed by Loretta's declaration of her fondness for chocolate. Panel Four presents Loretta with yet another opportunity to invoke the cliche about men never asking for directions, only this time she freshens it up by citing Robert Frost's famous poem, thus keeping her skills at nagging Leroy honed to razor sharpness. My vote today goes to Panels One and Five in a dead heat. In the latter, Leroy arrives at a Levittown soiree fully prepared, as he carries a bottle of his favorite hooch, presumably, for this bizarre occasion, grain alcohol. For once, Loretta is supportive.


Wings1295 said...

Superb, indeed.

I had to split my choice, for the first time.

Panel 3, with the wonderfully blank stares from both Leroy and the waiter just win that one for me.

Panel 5 is just pure insanity, with the neighbors dressed up in some pretty bizarre costumes, even if they like playing charades. It will be one of those very rare occasions where the Lockhorns will be united in their displeasure.

Mr. Beautiful said...

Wings: Well, we certainly agree on Panel 5. I applaud your choice to split your vote. Center Panel is classic. I would choose it myself, but I don't think I'm ready for a three-way just yet.