Saturday, October 3, 2009

There But By The Grace Of God Go I

The Lockhorns are out to the movies again, this time in a really small theater crammed into a corner of the local shopping mall. Leroy usually likes to tell nobody in particular among the audience about Loretta's annoying qualities, yet he cannot tolerate as much as a whisper from anybody else. Loretta, unsurprisingly, is quick to point out his hypocrisy, much to Leroy's consternation.


Wings1295 said...

Look at all those faces. Everyone is thinking the same thing: "What are the freaking ODDS that the movie time I chose coincided with the Lockhorns' choice!"

Mr. Beautiful said...

Wings: Yes, probably the Lockhorns, and their antics, are well known in the neighborhood. So if the neighbors were in the slightest bit observant, they'd have a better idea by now of when to avoid the theater.