Sunday, October 25, 2009

No Man Is An Island, Entire Of Itself

Lockhorns Sunday! I'd have to split my vote between Panels One and Five, and Leroy's tam o' shanter has a lot to do with that. The miniature golf clubs did the trick as Leroy shot only twenty-five above par for the first time in years, so naturally Loretta will finagle him to rake the yard yet again. In Panel Two, we see Leroy was always years ahead of his time, thinking "you" was really spelled "u" all along. For the unititiated, that's Loretta's mother, a.k.a. "Queen Victoria," that Leroy is using as a model for his jack o' lantern in Center Panel. The whole idea is to pique Loretta's ire, which he does marvelously. Leroy's inafmous cheapness comes to the fore in the last two panels. Slumberland is a furniture store chain in the Midwest, so it is confusing to see the Lockhorns there in Panel Four, unless there's a guy in Long Island about to get hit with a lawsuit. We have classic Leroy in Panel Five. Always the gentleman, he orders two hot dogs for his guests first.

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