Wednesday, September 9, 2009

In One Ear And Out The Other

Today has Leroy in the hot seat behind the tall boy desk which appears to levitate. Again, he's struggling to make sense of the Lockhorns' impossibly disastrous finances, and calls Loretta to task for her ridiculous compulsive shopping binges which keeps them in the red.


xy said...

everything kind of floats in the Lockhorns house because they live inside a void.

Wings1295 said...

WOW - the tables are turned today. Leroy looks ANGRY and Loretta is just blank. She has no excuses, no witty retort. Just taking it this time. She must be about to go do something horrific to his dinner.

Mr. Beautiful said...

xy: Yes, they are famous for that.

Wings: She's just tired. She'll bounce back, just as you said.