Monday, October 5, 2009

Nectar Of The Gods

We certainly can't blame Leroy for turning every project into a liquor cabinet. The man cannot even seek solace in his own work shop without Loretta sauntering by to insult, harangue, or nag him. He knows that alcohol is the cheapest and most readily available means to deaden Loretta's nettlesome effect. Why on earth would he design anything other than a liquor cabinet?


Wings1295 said...

He has tried to build a coffin or two, but Loretta "forgets" about those workshop projects.

xy said...

So how many 'projects' has Leroy completed? It would seem that there should be several liquor cabinets strew about the house, but I don't recall seeing any.

Mr. Beautiful said...

Wings: Ha, ha, good one. Maybe Loretta just doesn't notice the coffins because she's too engrossed in her own plans, if you know what I mean.

xy: Well, their house is spacious, right? And, maybe he sells them on ebay or something anyway.