Sunday, February 7, 2010

1 Corinthians 7:38

The competition among today's Sunday Lockhorns comics is fierce. In Panel One, we learn that Super Bowl Sunday is Leroy's most revered holiday, but not Loretta's. In Panel Two, Leroy, with a single word, reveals to D. Pullman the source of all his frustrations and hostilities. Center Panel brings us to the Lockhorns' lonely celebration, begun yesterday, of Leroy's birthday in what has to be the most philosophical Lockhorns cartoon yet. In Panel Four, Leroy has gotten lost behind the wheel yet again, and it's a sure bet he will not ask for directions and hilarity will ensue. Loretta is correct; when she drives, Leroy knows he'll end up in the emergency room. Outside of Victoria, Australia, we native Rhode Islanders know of no such establishment named Chick-N-D-Lish, and thus are relieved to know that Little Rhody's state bird will continue to propagate its species, in spite of Loretta's narrative in Panel Five. This doesn't matter to Leroy, who is enjoying all the attention.


Wings1295 said...

These five panels sum up Leroy's life. Highs and lows, trying, failing, anger, belittlement, ever optomistic hopefulness.

Mr. Beautiful said...

Wings: Yup. He really gave Pullman what for.