Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Against That Time, If Ever That Time Come By

Leroy and Loretta both love to dust off those old adages and use them whenever appropriate. Leroy's chance comes today during one of his frequent visits to his physician's office, where he invariably meets with abuse of some kind.


Wings1295 said...

The other waiting room patients are uncaring of Leroy's plight. But Loretta has a slight, very slight, hint of concern. She knows it is her ever diligent combination of bad cooking and low-grade poisoning that keeps Leroy in the doctor's office. She just wonders if he knows.

Mr. Beautiful said...

Wings: Yes, that's a most unusual expression on Loretta's face, now that you mention it. Good call. I had just figured she was trying to conjure up a well worn adage of her own.