Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ars Longa

Lockhorns Sunday. I'm not sure if an antiques side show is supposed to be part of a carnival, but whatever it is, Panel One is there to depict Leroy walking off with his purchase which, to no surprise, given Leroy's awful taste in aesthetics, becomes a laughingstock. Panel Two has to get my vote. How can Loretta possibly take offense at Leroy's straightforward remark? Is she that deluded? A classic. As usual, Loretta is on the spot with a pointed criticism in Center Panel as Leroy struggles mightily with a 4 oz. weight. Panel Four exhibits the lengths to which Loretta will go to demonstrate to her apathetic woman neighbors just how lazy Leroy is. Leroy the art hater is in good form in Panel Five; you'll notice Loretta is fully aware of his clever dig at her pretentiousness, just as he intended.


Wings1295 said...

I have to go for the antique panel. For once, they were both on the same page, hoping to make a cool profit off of some old piece of junk. A good profit to help ease the burden of the other crap Loretta has already purchased. But, no luck. As usual. They are THE Lockhorns, after all.

Mr. Beautiful said...

Wings: I am highly surprised that Loretta did not insult Leroy over his choice. She actually "had her hopes up"? She might be losing her touch!