Monday, September 14, 2009

The Drug Of A Nation

Today we have another classic scene where Leroy sprawls out comatosely in front of the TV and Loretta delivers another of her famous quips to her apathetic woman neighbor. Loretta lives for moments like this, even though she's unaware the world is passing her by too.


xy said...

your consistency is quite admirable. i don't think i've read a bad post yet.

Wings1295 said...

See, this was a boring day in the old Lockhorn homestead. Leroy was veggin' in front of the tube, Loretta bashing him from around the house. Then, a bright idea! She pulls out 'mannequin #1' from the closet, sets the lady up and then fires off a zinger. Anything to keep herself from losing her touch.

Mr. Beautiful said...

xy Thanks for the kind words, they are much appreciated. Really, the only thing consistent about me is my speed. Say hello to z for me when you get the chance.

Wings: There's never a boring day at the Lockhorns', and to suggest otherwise is heresy! I'm wondering what kind of psychiatric drugs they prescribe out there in Long Island these days.