Wednesday, September 16, 2009

White Noise

Poor Leroy cannot stand the incessant howl of Loretta's vacuum cleaner, especially when it interferes with his TV viewing. At least it is preferable to Loretta's nagging; she doesn't have a mute button either. Furthermore, she's doing something beneficial, as opposed to cooking her vile concoctions or running Leroy further into debt with her compulsive shopping sprees.


Wings1295 said...

Leroy missed a moment here, he should have been all over her ass like she was when he was raking the leaves.

Interestingly, the carpet here is just as spotlessly clean as the grass was that day.

xy said...

i think it's pretty liberal to call that carpet. it looks more like a poured flooring which makes the vacuuming just another ploy for Loretta to piss off Leroy.

Mr. Beautiful said...

Wings: That's Leroy's biggest problem: missed opportunities.

xy: I especially like how the wall and the carpet blend into one another. This exemplifies the minimalism that The Lockhorns is famous for. If Loretta can annoy Leroy, you can bet she won't miss the opportunity (c.f. my comment to Wings).