Sunday, November 8, 2009

America's Tragic Theater

Lockhorns Sunday! Panel One has America's favorite couple engaged in their favorite pastime, arguing. Loretta assumes her typically haughty pose, as she adds her unique brand of logic to the equation, much to Leroy's annoyance. Things are a bit more amenable in Panel Two, where the Lockhorns get together with neighbors for a little klatsch, and Leroy tries to impress upon his interlocutor that Loretta is old. Center Panel has Leroy at his classic best. He not only got free tickets from Hofstra University's School of Medicine, but he gets to enact some revenge on Loretta for all those operas she's dragged him to. With all the weddings the Lockhorns attend, it is inevitable that a May--December affair turn up once in a while, as it does in Panel Four. When it does, you can bet Loretta is on the ready with a marvelously pithy quip to appraise the situation. Panel Five is surreal, and just crazy enough to split my vote with Center Panel. Taken at face value, it speaks for itself. I suppose a mundane meaning could be applied here, if you can believe that Leroy and Loretta are avid fanatics of NFL teams (respectively, the Vikings and Packers, who are fierce rivals). That's not too much of a stretch, given that the local team, the Jets, sucks. On the other hand, since when does Loretta even care about football?


Wings1295 said...

Have to go with the center panel. Nothing like Leroy sticking it to the Mrs., and in such a creative way!

Mr. Beautiful said...

Wings: Good choice. Leroy is superb in Center Panel.