Sunday, November 29, 2009

I Never Lost As Much But Twice, And That Was In The Sod

Today's Lockhorns Sunday is superb. In Panel One, Leroy demonstrates his understanding of the American convention of separating the thousands' digit from the hundreds' by a comma. Still, even with motormouth Loretta around, surely he can find a better cell phone plan than that! Panel Two brings us to the Levittown cocktail party scene, where Leroy adjusts his tie with a gesture of bravado as he prepares to approach a seven foot tall blonde bimbo, despite Loretta's gentle warning. In Panel Three, Leroy encounters his usual dejection when he weighs himself on the bathroom scale. Leave it to Loretta to give this all too familiar scene a clever twist. Panel Four affords us a glimpse of Leroy's famous frugality. What better way to fend off the chills of a brutal Long Island winter than by putting those reams of otherwise unwanted junk mail to good use? In Panel Five, we see that playing the New York State Lottery is still a favorite pastime of Leroy's. In spite of Loretta's wry comment, he harbors no delusions of winning; simply, the more money he forks over to the state treasury, the less Loretta can get her hands on. Good luck voting this week. I can't possibly decide which of these splendid comics is best, even with splitting my vote.


Wings1295 said...

There is a lot to love this week, isn't there? I am gonna throw my vote at the scale panel, cause that is a just a good little pun.

Mr. Beautiful said...

Wings: Can't go wrong with that one.

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