Monday, November 23, 2009

Where Have You Gone, Oleg Cassini?

Somewhere in his bedroom closet, amidst his Nehru jackets and bell bottomed trousers, Leroy still keeps his beloved collection of tie-dyed shirts. He silently contemplates the day when he once again can don these shirts, only to have his dreams abruptly crushed by Loretta the fashion maven.


Wings1295 said...

I am in awe by the almost touching scene we are presented here. At least, touching by Lockhorn standards.

Loretta is touching her husband's shoulder, in what would appear to be a comforting gesture. She feels bad he has to give up his tie-dyed shirts.

Leroy isn't angry or seething, merely contemplating the loss of another part of his childhood, his adolescense, himself.

I am... shocked.

Mr. Beautiful said...

Wings: Touching, yes. But I still sense some satisfaction on Loretta's part in dismissing Leroy's wardrobe. Maybe I'm jaded.