Monday, November 2, 2009

The Wind Is Tossing The Lilacs

Lockhorns Sunday! Leroy is having difficulty with his remote control mattress in Panel One, providing Loretta a good opportunity to "forget how it works." In Panel Two, Loretta tries to no avail to educate Leroy about probability theory. He merely figures, the more he loses, the less she gets her hands on. Loretta voices her displeasure in Center Panel for Leroy's decomposing Jack o' lantern. In Panel Four, we see that Leroy has had it with fast food drive throughs! The poor minimum wage schleps working at this one had better brace themselves for Leroy's megaphone and seething rage. Leroy and Loretta show up in Panel Five at Levittown's latest cocktail bash, where Loretta, perhaps inspired by Roller Derby, has donned a referee's shirt and a whistle, no doubt making clear her intention to keep Leroy separated from the bimbos.


Wings1295 said...

Panel fun this Sunday, I see!

I think panel 5 is the best, Loretta has stepped up her game with Leroy. She has eschewed fashion just to be a thorn in his side and ruin any fun he had been planning on. Beeyotch!

Mr. Beautiful said...

Wings: Oops, you reminded me, I forgot to write my own rcommendations. I agree with you on Panel 5, but I like Panel 4 too since it's classic Leroy. I go for a two way tie.