Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Contra Vim Mortis Non Est Medicamen In Hortis

Leroy seems absolutely miserable at having been dragged along on one of Loretta's frequent shopping binges. He stands morosely looking at his watch, hoping against hope for the time in his torturous ordeal to pass, as Loretta and her acquaintance stop in front of a modestly named shoe store. Loretta takes the opportunity to brag about being one of the few people who actually know who Manolo Blahnik is, while at the same time condemning Leroy for his ignorance of the fashion world and his dreadfully pedestrian tastes for such banal diversions as "baseball."


Wings1295 said...

The woman in black is thinking: "Who the hell is Leroy? And who the hell are you?"

Mr. Beautiful said...

Wings: Ha! Good one!