Sunday, April 25, 2010

Audi, Vide, Tace, Si Tu Vis Vivere In Pace

It's Lockhorns Sunday, and Loretta kicks things off in Panel One with another rousing one-liner designed to extort more cash from Leroy. Her veiled threat to max out Leroy's credit cards won't go unnoticed.

Leroy dominates Panel Two with his exaggerated theatrical pose in spite of Loretta's well timed one-liner to her neighbor. It is obvious that Leroy merely feigns his hardness of hearing, as any sane person would do under his circumstances. Then again, would a sane man acquire those circumstances?

In Center Panel, the recurring character of the seven foot tall bimbo makes an appearance, this time in the guise of brunette cheerleader. There can only be one way to explain how Leroy could induce an adult woman in a cheerleader's outfit to accompany him home, and Loretta's crestfallen expression suggests she has figured it out.

Panel Four brings us to another dreary evening for the Lockhorns in front of the TV. So depressed is Loretta over her disappointment in the evening's proceedings, she hasn't even the energy to initiate a scathing round of gossip over the telephone. Helen, no doubt, will be disappointed as well.

The Lockhorns have managed to get away in Panel Five. As Leroy unpacks his suitcase, he begins to enjoy his vacation by lamenting his fading memory.


Anonymous said...

moi ka waza zafoi byo

Wings1295 said...

Not sure what anonymous said, but I have to go with the center panel. Leroy really has only one way to get these bimb... ladies home, and we all know it. Maybe Loretta isn't the only one sinking them deeper into debt.

Mr. Beautiful said...

Wings: Gotta go along with you on that one. It's good to see Leroy spending the money for a change,isn't it? He earned it after that spectacular performance in Panel Two.