Sunday, February 21, 2010

Which Way I Fly Is Hell; Myself Am Hell;

Lockhorns Sunday. Whatever Leroy did in Panel One, he hasn't yet expressed enough remorse to satisfy Loretta, who looks primed for another round of relentless nagging. Leroy gets to relax in Panel Two, at least until Loretta drags yet another visiting neighbor woman along, just to insult Leroy in front of an audience. In Center Panel we see Leroy changing a light bulb, a simple chore he makes difficult by standing backwards on the stepladder. Loretta, in typical form, annoys Leroy while he attempts his task. Panel Four has America's favorite couple out for their Sunday drive, with predictable results. Leroy more than evens the score from Panel Two, since a New York state trooper is far more impressive an audience than a Levittown housewife. In Panel Five, an anonymous pharmacist plies his salesmanship on Leroy and Loretta. Considering the insolence to which Leroy is usually subjected during his frequent visits to doctors and hospitals, it's a safe bet for the pharmacist that Leroy is weakened enough to have lowered his sales resistance sufficiently.


Wings1295 said...

Gonna have to go with four. Leroy had to have thought that one up ahead of time.

Mr. Beautiful said...

Wings: Good choice. The state trooper had a good story to tell his buddies later.