Friday, August 7, 2009

Love Is Strange

In an unusually romantic scene, Leroy and Loretta hold hands as they dine in an elegant restaurant. We can believe Loretta. What else can compel her, of all people, to turn off her phone? Given her notion of love, however, Leroy no doubt prefers the alternative.


Wings1295 said...

No... I call shenanigans on Loretta's part!

I bet it is more likely that she has run up such a huge cell phone bill that she had no choice but to turn it off, and then to try and try Leroy by going to dinner and acting all lovey-dovey.

But see his face? Her line about the cell phone was too much. He knows there is one and only one reason she would turn it off. Because she was forced to.

Mr. Beautiful said...

Wings: Yes, perhaps. But then why does she begin her sentence with, "If I didn't love you, Leroy?"