Sunday, August 2, 2009

No Exit

Lockhorns Sunday! Vote early & often! In Panel One, the Lockhorns' stock woes continue. How do they survive?

In Panel Two, Loretta the perfectionist simply has to shop in style, even if it's just for groceries.

In Center Panel, Loretta has the misfortune of wearing the same bumble bee themed ensemble as does the mysterious seven foot bimbo with the hourglass figure. Leroy is only too happy to point out the glaring difference in the forms taken by the two dresses.

Loretta is at her acerbic best in Panel Four, as she lets Leroy know exactly where he stands relative to her lamp stand.

In Panel Five, Loretta strides away from the latest result of her private demolition derby, with a haughty air that reflects her sense of entitlement to plow over and through anything in her path on the public highways. Leroy is helplessly morose.


Wings1295 said...

Wowzers! Had to pick the center one! That dress... that bimbo!

Holy mackeral...

Mr. Beautiful said...

Wings: Yeah, that's a classic. I thought Leroy falling down the stairs was especially poignant.

Slacker said...

I am a little late, but I still got my vote in. I had to go with the bumble bee outfit. I know there will be consequences, but boy did he belittle Loretta but good. That's always a popular choice for me.

Mr. Beautiful said...

Slacker: Better late than never. Loretta was really asking for it that time.