Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sixteen Tons

Lockhorns Sunday! Leroy and Loretta relax on the beach in Panel One, but Leroy's too depressed to ogle bikini clad bimbos and Loretta's too depressed to nag Leroy, opting instead to complain about the USPS. Leroy drives a convertable with the top down in Panel Two. His own car is no doubt undergoing repairs, thanks to Loretta. Even here, she finds something to nag about. In Center Panel, Stan and Pauline are drawn much more realistically than all the other Lockhorns characters, lending them a remarkably strange appearance, and leading one to believe they may be based on real life Long Island residents. Leroy employs a clever play on words in Panel Four to great effect, and since what they're eating appears green, I'd go with salmonella, and with this very panel for my vote! Panel Five has Loretta once again mocking Leroy's many fruitless attempts at physical fitness.


Wings1295 said...

First, I had to go with the discussion of Christmas cards on the beach. I mean, wow - really? That is the best conversation they can come up with? Wow.

Second, what contest in hell did Stan and Pauline win to become characters in the Sunday Lockhorns strip? Lucky, lucky them.

Mr. Beautiful said...

Wings: Yes, it wasn't a good day at Jones Beach for them.

As for that contest, how do I enter?