Sunday, December 6, 2009

Alles In Ordnung

An exceptional Lockhorns Sunday! Kicking off with Panel One, Loretta tries with a bon mot to convey the utter depths of Leroy's poor taste in table lamps. Expecting anybody to believe she can be speechless, even in a rhetorical sense, is beyond the stretch of even the most vivid imagination humanly possible. Panel Two gets my vote. The image of Loretta, self deluded into thinking she has any kind of talent at all, methodically pawing the keys of the living room spinet, and bellowing forth her trademark horrifying shrieks, is too good to pass up. Add to this Leroy's wry comment to his incredulous neighbor, and we surely have a winner. Leroy's ire is surely justified in Center Panel. He has to foot the bill for D. Pullman's $175 hourly fee. In addition, he has to pay for Loretta's ridiculously compulsive shopping sprees, as well as for ongoing car repair due to Loretta's negligent driving habits. Toss in her inability to cook, and her propensity for continual nagging, and it's a miracle he didn't punch D. Pullman's lights out on the spot for siding with Loretta! In Panel four, we learn that Loretta's dreadful inability to produce anything edible (or potable) in her kitchen extends to something as simple as coffee. Leroy is left speechless here, but at least in Panel Five he gets to experience at least a few minutes of fun, as he lets loose at a Levittown cocktail bash by cutting a rug with a shapely blonde seven foot tall bimbo. God only knows what Loretta has in store for her husband in retribution, as she so hints to her google eyed neighbor over a couple of martinis.


Wings1295 said...

Boy, those five panels are like a guide for a newbie to The Lockhorns' world, aren't they? Covering all the bases!

Let loose Leroy! After the first four panels, you deserve it!

Mr. Beautiful said...

Wings: Yes. Today's edition is a good one to archive.