Sunday, December 27, 2009

On The Reef Of Norman's Woe!

It's Lockhorns Sunday! In Panel One, we see that even fashion mogul Loretta, she of the most refined of tastes, is not above donning a low brow "I'm with stupid" T-shirt . Indefatigable Leroy has his say in Panel Two, as he explains the Lockhorns dinner protocol to his guest, who by now has surmised the doom awaiting him. The Lockhorns share a rare moment of tenderness in Center Panel, as Leroy figures he may want to weigh his words more carefully in the future. Panel Four provides a clever twist. It's usually Loretta who drags an unwilling Leroy off to venues of culture, such as art exhibits, only to hear Leroy gripe about the pretentiousness of it all. This time, Loretta beats Leroy to the punch with a clever critique of modern art. Panel Five brings us to the Levittown cocktail party scene, where, once again, Leroy ogles an enormous towering bimbo while straightening his tie. Such lechery does not go unnoticed by Loretta, who promptly hands her drink to her neighbor in preparation for getting down to business.


Wings1295 said...

Had to go with the center panel, since it is so obviously out of place, here in a Lockhorns comic Sunday!

Mr. Beautiful said...

Wings: Yeah, it threw me for a loop too.