Sunday, December 13, 2009

Die Meistersinger Von Nürnberg

Lockhorns Sunday! Leroy is out of sorts in Panel One, thus accounting for Loretta's good mood. A clever dig to her neighbor about Leroy's weekend lassitude certainly wouldn't hurt, either. Thank God for this blog, or I'd miss out on the latest in popular culture. Thanks to Loretta in Panel Two, I know now what Zappos is. This cartoon gets my vote today simply on the basis of Leroy's priceless eye-rolling expression. Center Panel brings us a new twist, with no pun intended, on the old vaudeville joke, "Hey, doc, it hurts whenever I do this!" It makes you wonder how a couple that plays Hasbro games together can be so miserable. The tables are turned in Panel Four. It's not Loretta, the world's most reckless driver, being pulled over by the cops. It's not Loretta, the notorious cocktail party caterwauler, being ridiculed for loud, offensive, off key singing. It's Leroy! Panel Five wraps things up with a living room scene as the Lockhorns entertain neighbors. Leroy uses a boxing match as a pretext to get in a good dig at Loretta's verystrange mother, a.k.a. "Queen Victoria."


Wings1295 said...

Hot damn, there's a bunch of fun this week! I have to choose Panel One, simply because of the utter look of despair on the neighbor/friend's face! She looks like she would rather be DEAD! So much said with no words.

Mr. Beautiful said...

Wings: Yeah, seriously, she looks positively ill. Tough choice this Sunday for sure!