Saturday, December 5, 2009

Cave Canem, Te Necat Lingendo

Leroy and Loretta are socializing at another Levittown cocktail soiree. This usually entails Leroy standing morosely in the background while Loretta insults him in front of anybody who happens to be within earshot, which, given Loretta's notoriously stentorian nature, more often than not encompasses the entire room. This time she has cornered a sole unwitting woman acquaintance, but no audience is too small for Loretta once she sets herself to the task at hand. Her clever metaphor is accentuated by Leroy's juxtaposition to a somewhat prominent looking mustachioed gentleman.


Wings1295 said...

NO ONE is having a good time at that party. The host man looks bored beyond belief, Leroy looks ticked off, the hostess is annoyed and Loretta is amusing herself at her husband's expense. All as usual.

Mr. Beautiful said...

Winggs: Tutto a posto.