Sunday, December 20, 2009

La Traviata

Lockhorns Sunday! Panel One suggests Leroy and Loretta are toying with the idea of infidelity. It's a safe bet Leroy hasn't got any bait and that any sane angler would throw Loretta back into the water. Leroy is working up a sweat in Panel Two, as he works out in the aptly named neighborhood gym at Loretta's insistence. His songwriting analogy fails to impress his neighbor. Loretta continues to deny she is nagging in Center Panel, as she has done while nagging Leroy for ten consecutive days. Panel Four gets my vote, as Leroy drinks a toast in preparation for eating the nauseating glop Loretta has served for dinner. Poor Leroy, in Panel Five, has decked himself out in sports fan regalia (i.e., is dressed as an idiot) in the mistaken assumption that tonight was the Jets game at the Meadowlands. The nifty loge box Loretta managed to snag for tonight's opera at the Met fails to assuage Leroy's ire.


Wings1295 said...

I gotta go with panel five. You KNOW it was Loretta who "mixed up" which day was the game and which was the opera! She was gonna find a way to ruin both for him!

Mr. Beautiful said...

Wings: I'm sure you're right, but I never would have pegged Leroy as the type to paint his face and wave a foam finger around.

Anonymous said...

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