Monday, January 11, 2010

Be As You WIsh To Seem.

It has been said Socrates had a nagging wife, but she couldn't have been anything like Loretta. The woman hounds Leroy 24 hours a day. How often do the Jets make the playoffs? Yet, there she stands, squarely between Leroy and the television set, arms folded, face in a ferocious scowl, ready to wage on in her relentless assault. Leroy cannot silence her unless he considers dire means.


Wings1295 said...

He should just do her in. We KNOW she will somehow survive and they will be back to square one again, so why not give himself a few hours peace to enjoy the game?

Mr. Beautiful said...

Wings: Yeah, but Leroy's poor physical condition complicates matters here. He'd have to shoot her and claim self defense.