Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fischer: 11. Nh5?!

Loretta, playing white, has defeated Leroy at chess. How she did this is a mystery. They each have the same four pieces, except for Leroy's bishop to Loretta's knight. Leroy seems to be in check, but Rg7 would take care of that. Why should he concede? He already won at Candy Land; all he needs here is a stalemate. Does he actually want to hear Loretta's insufferable gloating?


Wings1295 said...

Maybe he is down because she DOESN'T know how to play, and he has to pretend all her inept moves are correct. So, in his effort to make the game at least sufferable, he lets her do 'whatever'. Ironically, she has beat him playing incorrectly! Leroy can never truly win.

Mr. Beautiful said...

Wings: Yeah, I guess that would be easier than trying to teach her to play.