Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lockhorns Getting Lockhorner

Loretta has moved the telephone table directly behind Leroy's television viewing chair, thus enabling Leroy to hear every word when she insults him to her friends. It is remarkable that Loretta, as experienced as she is in the art of wordplay, has run out of adjectives to describe her husband, although she's still just as handy with cliches.


Wings1295 said...

She did move the chair, table and phone close to him so he can hear he rail on him to the person on the other end. And he even knows that the phone cord doesn't reach that far. She isn't even actually TALKING to anyone. The neighbors are glad, but Leroy sinks deeper into his depression. Hope that is an endless bowl, like the rest of the void they live in.

Mr. Beautiful said...

Wings: The void is symbolic. And remember, there's CNN, Reuters, and then there's Loretta.