Sunday, January 24, 2010

Judges 9:54

Lockhorns Sunday. Loretta partakes in one of her favorite activities in Panel One. She leads a visiting neighbor over to a reposing Leroy just so she can hurl a litany of insults at him in front of an audience. In Panel Two, Loretta and Leroy find themselves in the throes of another harsh Long Island winter. Leroy has some fun with Loretta in Center Panel. He brilliantly counters the cartoon cliche of perfectly rounded mouse holes with a mother-in-law joke. In Panel Four, the Lockhorns storm out of the theater in the middle of the movie as Leroy takes offense at inconsiderate cell phone chatterers in the audience. He is reminded of the jargon of eighty years past. Panel Five offers us the incongruent sight of a gigantic print of the Lockhorns' wedding portrait gracing their living room wall. Apparently, Leroy had it installed, lamp and all, just so he complain about his marriage to his neighbors. Regarding Panel One, this is tit for tat!


Wings1295 said...

While I love the center panel, I have to go with panel five. I bet Leroy AND Loretta decided to install that giant, lit-up wedding portrait so they would BOTH have a place to deliver the non sequiters and punny lines they think up during the long, long weeks of misery.

Mr. Beautiful said...

Wings: Excellent choice. Thanks for voting.