Monday, March 1, 2010

The Anatomy Of Melancholy

Leroy, having been dragged into shopping at the supermarket with Loretta against his will, is understandably in a bad mood. His ire is piqued further by Loretta's ridiculously penny wise, pound foolish ways, as she will go to great lengths to save 39 cents on a box of Bisquick, yet blow hundreds in a matter of seconds when she's out on one of her maniacal shopping frenzies at Bloomingdale's. On top of all this, Loretta's watchful eye spots only those coupons for things which Leroy detests, which includes all items Loretta uses for cooking.


Wings1295 said...

Yes, indeed. I bet she tosses out the coupons for the good stuff. She is diabolical!

Mr. Beautiful said...

Wings: . . . and methodical!