Sunday, March 28, 2010

Where Have You Gone, Dorothy Kilgallen?

Lockhorns Sunday begins in Panel One with a familiar theme, Leroy's ongoing battles with telephone solicitors. Panel Two takes us to the aptly named neighborhood gym where we learn that Loretta's poor self image began at birth when her weight was average. The tension heightens in Center Panel when Leroy, horribly disheveled after a restless night, stumbles into the view of Loretta's webcam. There's always plenty of tension at the Lockhorn dinner table, especially when a hapless guest joins in, as in Panel Four, where we see Leroy comparing Loretta's cooking to festering scab encrusted sores. Leroy ends the day on a strong note in Panel Five. Completely bored at a particularly dull cocktail party (no bimbos), Leroy waves a white flag in exasperation both as a signal to Loretta that it's time to leave, and, more importantly, as a signal to everybody else of his disapproval of the proceedings.


Wings1295 said...

This has to be the best Sunday Lockhorns ever! Five panels, all made of win! Can't choose ONE, gonna split my vote up big time. And uh... Loretta, using a webcam? FOR WHAT???

Anonymous said...


Mr. Beautiful said...

Awright Wings! That's got to be best comment ever to date on this blog. I'm all for splitting votes on Lockhorns Sunday.