Thursday, March 11, 2010

Where's Samuel Beckett When You Need Him?

It's a familiar sight to the Levittown folk. There's Leroy, leaning against the light pole, much like a loiterer, while he waits for Loretta to return from her latest maniacal shopping frenzy to leave Leroy even further in the red. The neighbors know if they approach Leroy on such an occasion, he'll treat them to a comical bon mot.


Wings1295 said...

The neighbor doesn't look too excited at the prospect of any bon mot from Leroy. Looks more concerned that he actually has to stop and listen. With his purse or lunchbox or whatever that tiny bag is.

Anonymous said...

LORETTA shop till you drop baby.WAY TO GO.

Mr. Beautiful said...

Wings: I wonder what Levittown's drinking water is like?