Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Bickersons Lived Not In Vain

It's Sunday. Vote early and often. Panel One: Post Liquors, 510 Jericho Pike, Syosset, Long Island, will gladly welcome their most treasured customer. Loretta understands all too well.

Panel Two: Loretta slyly makes Leroy's propensity for flirting and ogling a matter of public record.

Center Panel is a classic. Leroy's sign and facial expression say it all. He has elicited the desired response from Loretta, and masterfully.

Panel Four: Leroy holds back on the wit, but he still achieves dramatic effect by refusing the plate of green substance Loretta has prepared as his unfortunate neighbor guest tries to gulp down at least a few mouthfuls out of politeness.

Panel Five: Loretta invokes Tennessee Williams's famous play as she unleashes a gratuitous complaint about Leroy's stinginess for the benefit of a neighbor couple, whose rolling eyeballs tell you they've seen it all before. So has Leroy, but he's still fuming. An excellent Sunday.


Wings1295 said...

Gotta pick the final panel, since it is OBVIOUS that Loretta staged the scene with a mannequin female and waited for Leroy to pass by the door with his friend. She then went quickly into her little prepared line, happy to be able to play for an audience once more.

Mr. Beautiful said...

Wings: I can understand why you think they're mannequins. I'd like a consensus.