Sunday, July 26, 2009

War Is Peace

Lockhorns Sunday! Vote early and often! In Panel One, Leroy attempts to interrupt Loretta's nagfest by feigning sleep, which by far is his happiest state. The best part is, he openly admits it.

In Panel Two, Loretta's mother, a.k.a. "Queen Victoria," relaxes in a kiddie pool, leaving the door wide open for Leroy's delightfully wry Wizard of Oz reference.

In Center Panel, Loretta discusses twittering with her up to date neighbor at a bus stop (the car must be in the shop again). Is twittering a fad, or here to stay? You couldn't tell by Leroy!

In Panel Four, Loretta goes to great lengths, dragging Leroy all the way to 150 Woodcleft Ave., Freeport, L.I., just to get a rise out of him. She is relentless.

In Panel Five, the gloves are off, as Loretta humiliates Leroy in front of the neighbors with her most scathing indictment yet of Leroy's earning capabilities. The neighbors, far from shocked, have heard and seen it all before.


Wings1295 said...

Had to pick the paycheck panel, cause wow, she has no qualms! Beeyotch!

The sight of Loretta's mother in a kiddie pool is just damn odd, too!

Mr. Beautiful said...

Wings: As usual, tough choice, but yeah, I have to agree. That last panel was poignant even by Lockhorns standards. Beeyond Beeyotch!

Apparently they didn't have kiddie pools in the Victorian Era.

Slacker said...

Leroy pretending to be asleep is the one I picked this week. That Loretta needs to be put in her place at any opportunity that presents itself. What a pain in the neck.

Mr. Beautiful said...

Slacker: You ain't kidding.